California Living History Tour 

The Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery is now  offering California Living History Tours to interested fourth grade classes in the area. Students will receive an interactive tour that is adapted to focus on California history and includes three character monologues. A costumed pioneer, an early Spanish/Native American Californio, and a prospector/rancher will greet and interact with the children, giving them a rose to place on a grave if they are able to correctly answer questions at the end of the monologue. Children will also participate in a rope making activity at the end of the tour as well as receive a California Bear Flag pin. Those interested in scheduling this tour should contact Janis Wright Motley at janiswm@att.net.

class tour

Self-Guided Tour

Come experience the Historical Trail Self-Guided Tours. Click here for a map and brochure of to help navigate you through the rich history of the cemetery. Printed copies are also available upon request. All ages welcomed! When touring with pets, dogs must be on a leash.


lamplight tour
women through the ages