Santa Rosa is fortunate to have beautiful parks and facilities that offer the community a multitude of daily benefits including a place to play, socialize, exercise, relax, and experience nature. Our parks also provide a sense of place and identity in our community. Santa Rosa currently has 9 large community parks and 50 neighborhood parks that are maintained by the Recreation & Parks Department. 

The Recreation and Parks Department not only is responsible for maintaining 525 acres of City parks and sports facilities, but we serve as the caretaker for an additional 250 acres of public landscaped areas, undeveloped parks, street medians, and back-on landscaping. The department also oversees the design and construction of new parks and facilities.

Recreation and Parks maintains approximately 72,000 street and park trees, and a large number of special recreational and historic facilities, including the City’s “jewel”, Howarth Park, Historic Luther Burbank Home & Gardens, the Church of One Tree, the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, Finley and Steele Lane Community Centers, Santa Rosa Senior Center, Ridgway and Finley Aquatic Centers, and the Bennett Valley Golf Course