Aggressive Driving

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Speeding is only one form of aggressive driving.  You might be surprised to learn what other driving behaviors are aggressive?

Driver about to hit two pedestrians 


Stop Speeding Before It Stops You.

Speeding is often a contributing factor in fatal collisions.  Several fatalities have occurred in speeding-related traffic crashes this year.  In Santa Rosa we feel, that even one life lost to speeding is one too many, and we take the safety of our citizens very seriously. Please join us in reminding all drivers to STOP SPEEDING.

Stop Speeding Before It Stops You

Driving over the speed limit or speeding in bad weather conditions dramatically increases the chances that you will be involved in a crash. Speeding reduces your ability to slow when necessary or to steer safely around curves, and respond to hazards on the roadway. 

In school zones or neighborhoods, speeding drivers can strike a child or animal running across the road. Any time you speed, you put yourself, your passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians at tremendous risk.

Street Smarts and the City of Santa Rosa are determined to help save lives by reminding all drivers to stay alert, and watch for and obey all posted speed limits, especially in our neighborhoods and schools.

Our goal is to save lives. Please remember there is a reason for posted speed limits. The roadways can be dangerous and speed limits are designed to protect everyone – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists – everyone!  The next time you get behind the wheel, please remember to Stop Speeding Before It Stops You.

 Are You an Aggressive Driver?

Which is an example of aggressive driving?  (hint: all are)

  1. Going through a red light
  2. Not making a full stop at a stop sign
  3. Using a hand held devices such as cell phones, palm pilots or other internet link-ups while driving.
  4. Speeding up to make it through a yellow light
  5. Switching a lane without signaling first
  6. Making a turn without signaling
  7. Going over the speed limit in a school zone or neighborhood
  8. Approaching so fast that the driver of another car that's stopped, feels threatened
  9. Tailgating a car to pressure the driver to go faster or move over
  10. Tailgating a car to punish the driver for something
  11. Closing the gap to prevent another car from coming into your lane
  12. Driving with an alcohol level above the legal limit
  13. Drive while drowsy enough to have droopy eyes
  14. Getting to a traffic light and stopping too close behind another car  
  15. Cruising in the passing lane, refusing to move over as soon as you can
  16. Intentionally blocking an exit or intersection, when you could have stopped sooner
  17. Making an obscene gesture at another road user

Did You Know?

Among drivers involved in fatal crashes, young males are the most likely to have been found speeding - 38% of male drivers ages 15-20 who were involved in a fatal crash were speeding at the time of the crash.
National statistic for 2005

Did You Know?

Motorcyclists are over represented in speed-related crashes - 34% of all motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time.  National statistic for 2005 

Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine