Did you know?

Pedestrian crossings at traffic signals

Did you know the WALKING PERSON that shows on the pedestrian signal appears in order to let the pedestrian know they can begin crossing the street?

Did you know when the UPRAISED HAND begins flashing the pedestrian has adequate time to continue crossing the street, but should not leave the curb if they have not begun crossing?

Did you know when the UPRAISED HAND is solid, no one should be in the crosswalk.

Did you know the Cuckoo and Peep-Peep sounds are direction specific? The Cuckoo is for north and south directions while the Peep-Peep is for east and west directions of travel.  These audible signals help visually impaired pedestrians know when the WALKING PERSON signal is on.

Did you know a countdown pedestrian signal is a new tool the City is using to let pedestrians know how much time is remaining to cross an intersection and coincide with the flashing UPRAISED HAND.

Did you know you only need to push a pedestrian push button once to cross the street?  If you push it multiple times, it does not make the WALKING PERSON come up more quickly.

Pedestrian Crossings at Activated Flashers

Did you know that the pedestrian activated flashing beacons are simply a warning device?  They do not give a pedestrian the right of way when crossing the street, and should be used the same way as an unmarked crosswalk.  First wait for a gap in traffic, establish eye contact with any approaching drivers, press the button to activate the flashing beacons, then proceed to cross only after the drivers have yielded to you in the crosswalk.

Pedestrian activated flashers simply help alert drivers that a pedestrian may be in the crosswalk; they do not give the pedestrian a protected crossing.

Fire Engines

Did you know that a Fire Engine can activate most traffic signals to turn green in the direction of their travel when responding to an emergency?

Other Fun Facts

Did you know that the City has over 29,000 signs posted on City streets?

Did you know that the City Traffic Engineering Division answers over 600 customer service requests each year?

Did you know that there are nearly 200 traffic signals in Santa Rosa?

Did you know that there are over 30 Pedestrian Activated Flashers in Santa Rosa?