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Typical weekday traffic volumes on many of Santa Rosa's traffic corridors. This is a pdf file.

Our Staff

Rob Sprinkle,
Deputy Director, Traffic Engineering

Massoud Saberian,
Supervising Engineer

Nancy Adams,
Transportation Planner

Michael VanMidde,
Assistant Engineer

Lynn Spaulding,
Quality Control Associate

James Botello,
Engineering Technician

Shane Erickson,
Engineering Technician

Paul Patterson,
Engineering Technician

Julia Gonzalez,
Street Smarts Program Coordinator
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Traffic moving along a Santa Rosa street 

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for establishing and operating a safe and efficient transportation system. The Traffic Engineering Division consists of engineering, planning and technical staff members each committed to providing excellent customer service. Some of our key activities include:

  • Work directly with neighborhood groups to address neighborhood traffic issues.
  • Update and maintain traffic signal timing reflective of traffic demands.
  • Actively seek outside funding sources for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects to address traffic and transportation problems.
  • Respond to traffic inquiries raised by citizens and other interested parties.
  • Conduct Engineering and Traffic surveys to ensure that speed limits are enforceable, that the key arterials are routinely monitored and operating as effectively as possible and that high frequency accident locations are identified and mitigated.
  • Work with school districts to identify school traffic safety issues.
  • Assist with the development and design of Capital Improvement Program projects to assure that all pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle needs are being addressed to maximize public safety, code compliance and efficient mobility.
  • Issue transportation permits for oversized vehicles and loads
  • Review and provide comments on private and public development projects, long-range planning efforts, traffic impact studies and environmental impact reports.
  • Conduct the Street Smart Program, which is a community education campaign aimed at improving driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behavior.

Business Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday to Friday

TEL: 707-543-3814
FAX: 707-543-3801

Municipal Services Center
69 Stony Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Report a signal outage

Traffic signal timing concerns

Contact Numbers
during business hours 707-543-3800
weekends & after hours 707-543-3805
street lights 707-543-4305
traffic signals 707-543-3880
street flooding 707-543-3881
injured animal 707-565-7100
dead animal on private property 707-565-7100
dead animal on public right-of-way 707-543-3881
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