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GPS Data 

Our GNSS Reference Base Station receiver is located at the Transportation and Public Works Department office at 69 Stony Circle in Santa Rosa.

Horizontal coordinates for this station are on the City of Santa Rosa's Horizontal Control Network which is based on the California Coordinate System, Zone 2.

Horizontal: NAD 83 Epoch 1991.35

N 1,923,182.2199 ft

E 6,347,713.9843 ft.

Horizontal: NAD 83 (2011) 2010 epoch

N 1,923,183.94 ft

E 6,347,712.93 ft

Vertical: NAVD 88

Ellipsoidal Height 39.735 ft. (June 19, 2012)

Orthometric Height 142.361 ft. (June 19, 2012)

  Static GPS Data

GPS information is provided as a courtesy without guarantee regarding accuracty or completeness. Data is available for post processing and is recorded to our server with a one second observation rate and stored in 1 hour blocks within "ZIP" files. The data is available at Leica's FTP site: ftp://rinex.smartnetna.com/rinex

Instructions are available for use of this data.

Real Time GPS Data

Data for real-time kinematic surveying is available. This data is ported out from our reference station receiver in both RTCM version 2.3 (type 18/19) and RTCM version 3.1 formats to the Internet where it can be obtained using an Internet capable GPS/GNSS rover receiver and appropriate wireless data service.

  Currently the horizontal coordinates currently used for this station are on the City of Santa Rosa's Horizontal Control Network which is based on the California Coordinate System, Zone 2, NAD 83 91.35. Vertical information is based on NAVD 88. See above.

 Important Notice

Beginning May 4, 2015 the horizontal coordinates used for this station will be changed to California Coordinate System, Zone 2 – NAD 83 (2011) 2010 epoch. See above

We are now providing real time corrections via both TCP/IP connections and NTRIP connections. If your rover is capable of using NTRIP, we strongly recommend you configure your rover to begin using NTRIP as soon as possible to take advantage of the GNSS corrections we now provide. Also, due to the upgrades and changes we have made, you will need to make sure you take into account the type of receiver and antenna we are using to make sure your rover operates properly going forward, see below:

  • Receiver Type: Leica Geosystems GR10 (LEICA GR10)
  • Antenna Type: Leica Geosystems AR10 (LEIAR10)

Real time data can be accessed via either TCP/IP connections or via NTRIP as follows:

  • Domain name (address): casr.nrsdns.com
  • (before 2-28-2016, IP address was:

TCP/IP Connections:

  • RTCM v 2.3, Type 18,19 (GPS only corrections)
  • Port: 9949

NTRIP Connection:

  • RTCM v 3.1, Extended (GNSS corrections)
  • NTRIP Port: 10000
  • MountPoint: RTCM3_CASR

NGS CORS Site Information

This station is an NGS recognized Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS). The CORS designation for this station is CASR. Data and information for this site as well as the NGS CORS network can be obtained on-line from the NGS CORS web site.


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