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Every day we work to make
Santa Rosa a better place
to live by being responsive,
competent stewards of the
public infrastructure and
environment for the benefit
of our citizens and visitors.

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Construction project on Third Street

The Transportation and Public Works Department builds and maintains the City’s vast infrastructure which includes streets, traffic signals, storm drains, bridges, sidewalks, street lights, and the City fleet which includes buses, fire engines, and police patrol cars.

A healthy infrastructure is critical to the economic vitality and quality of life in Santa Rosa, and it is crucial to public health and safety. We work to provide our community with a public infrastructure that functions smoothly and is environmentally sustainable.


 Features, Events and News

Road that is freshly slurry sealedSlurry Seal Notice 2015
Transportation and Public Works
Each year about 2.5 million square feet of the City's streets are slurry sealed. Over the years, streets have been treated in neighborhoods throughout Santa Rosa; this summer some streets will be slurry sealed from July 20 - July 30.
Asphalt patching workOut in the Field Newsletter - June 2015
Transportation and Public Works
The June 2015 issue of "Out in the Field" is now available.
National Public Works WeekNational Public Work Week 2015
Transportation and Public Works
May 17-23 is National Public Works Week! View a short video that highlights some of our field operations and construction activities around town.
Electrician working on a street lightStreet Lights are Being Turned On
Transportation and Public Works
City of Santa Rosa electricians are turning all street lights back on. By July 2016, all street lights that were turned off or equipped with timers, will be back on and most will be fitted with LED lamps.

Business Hours
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

NOTE: our offices are closed every other Friday. View the City Calendar to confirm we are open.

TEL: 707-543-3800
FAX: 707-543-3801

Municipal Services Center
69 Stony Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Contact Numbers
during business hours 707-543-3800
weekends & after hours 707-543-3805
street lights 707-543-4305
traffic signals 707-543-3880
street flooding 707-543-3881
injured animal 707-565-7100
dead animal on private property 707-565-7100
dead animal on public right-of-way 707-543-3881
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