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  Universal Design presentation to City Council by Ron Javor, State Housing Community Development Assistant Deputy Director.

The Mayor's Senior and Disabled Group is composed of Santa Rosa citizen's and representatives from non-profit senior and disability service organizations. The goals of the group is to bring to the attention of the City needs of citizens who are senior or disabled for budgeting and future planning. The above photo is of the State's Deputy Director of Housing and Redevelopment presenting a model Universal Design Code to City Council. The committee has assisted with the presentation of a one day seminar to help educate the community in universal design for aging in place and accessibility in private homes.

The group created a Citizen Survey to enable the public to give feedback to the City for capital improvement prioritization on accessibility projects, such as the need for curb ramps at specific locations where accessibility is barracaded by a curb for someone using a mobility device. A copy of the survey form is located below and may be completed and submitted to the City's ADA Coordinator.

CITY OF SANTA ROSA CIP Citizen Survey.doc