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ADA Transition Planning Informational Newsletter

Hello City ADA Committee Members and interested citizens.  This is the first issue of the bi-annual newsletter to be published by the City's ADA Coordinator.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide an update to the Committee and others in the quarter period when there is no meeting.  Committee meetings will be conducted in April and October.  Questions on any City Program or Facilities accessibility may be directed to the City's ADA Coordinator at any time via the above e-mail or phone numbers.
City Budget Hearing Meeting
The public hearing for the 2009/10 budget is scheduled for January 29th.  The City is facing critical funding issues.  The hearing will give citizen's an opportunity to share their ideas and opinion about the use of limited resources.  The hearing will be in the Council Chambers that is located in City Hall.  There is an elevator available through the SW entrance into Chambers.  The room is looped with a t-coil amplification system. For citizen's who do not have a t-coil in their hearing aid or simply need additional amplification head phones are available. 
Disability-related aids or services, including printed information in alternate formats, to enable persons with disabilities to participate in public meetings are available by contacting the City Clerk’s Office at 543-3016 one week prior to the meeting. Meeting information can also be accessed via the internet at http://srcity.org
Church Of One Tree
In 1873 the Church was built from a single redwood tree and is an excellent example of the Carpenter Gothic architecture style.  The City is currently completing the needed improvement to make the building ADA accessible and open to the public.  After improvements are complete the building will be open for meetings, classes and events.  Located on the north side of Juilliard Park at 492 Sonoma Ave.  
Highway 101 Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing Feasibility Study
The City has received an appropriation of $50,000 to perform a feasibility study to develop and evaluate alternate locations and costs for a bike and pedestrian crossing over Highway 101 within the vicinity of Santa Rosa Junior College.  The final study report is estimated to be complete early 2009.
Santa Rosa Police Department Elder & Dependant Adult Abuse Investigation
The Santa Rosa Police Department regards elder and dependent adult abuse a serious crime and has dedicated personnel to outreach this oft-targeted community.
There are approximately 24,500 persons over sixty years old in the City of Santa Rosa. This represents approximately 17.9% of the city's population. Additionally, the fastest growing segment of the population is eighty-five years and older. In July 1983, the number of people sixty-five years and older outnumbered teenagers for the first time.
There are almost two million incidents of elder abuse each year. This means that about one in every twenty-five elderly persons will become a victim. This is a growing concern nationwide because incidents of abuse are likely to increase.
You may contact a detective regarding an Elder Abuse investigation at (707) 543-3575.
Finding Affordable Housing
Section 8 is a housing program to help lower income families, senior citizens and disabled persons rent decent, safe and sanitary housing at a lower cost.  Many households qualify for assistance; however, help can be given to you only if you have been issued a Housing Choice Voucher.  Your initial rent will be no more than 40% of your gross adjusted income, at the time you first lease a unit.
For more information contact:
Economic Development and Housing Department
Location:  City Hall Annex     Voice:  707-543-3300
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Santa Rosa, CA  95404     TDD:   707-543-3318

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Upcoming Events
Youth Leadership Forum
Do you know any high school students with disabilities who have leadership potential? The Youth Leadership Forum is an opportunity for them to develop that potential at no cost to them.  The forum will take place July 26-30, 2009 in Sacramento.  Student delegates and staff stay in dorms at the California State University.  For more information on the Youth Leadership Forum, please contact April Dawson at the DSLC Napa Office via e-mail at aprild@sonic.net or call her at 707-258-0270.