Remembering When:

a fire and fall prevention program for older adults

  • Fact:  At age 65, older adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires or falls compared to the population at large.
  • Fact: Thirty percent of people age 65 and older are involved in falls each year, the leading cause of death from unintentional injury in the home.
  • Fact: In the U.S. and Canada, adults age 65 and older make up about 12 percent of the population – and their numbers are increasing.

Remembering WhenTM: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, was developed by NFPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help older adults live safely.

Remembering WhenTM is centered around fire prevention and fall prevention  – developed by experts from national and local safety organizations as well as through focus group testing.  This fun and informative program is provided and presented by the Santa Rosa Fire Department and is completely free to Santa Rosa residents! 

There are many topics available to select from to meet your group's needs, for example:

  • space heater safety
  • kitchen wise tips
  • smoke alarm testing
  • battery changing
  • safety for smokers
  • fire escape planning and drills
  • local emergency numbers
  • fall prevention
  • disaster preparedness

Remembering WhenTM presentations are nostalgia based and fun.  We include games and prizes that reinforce each message.  While presenting the program we stress the need for each senior to be personally responsible for their own safety and well-being by knowing what they need to do if there is a fire or other type of emergency.  Our Remembering WhenTM team will provide all materials and equipment including:

  • Props
  • handouts
  • prizes
  • video presentation
  • projector and screen

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact the Santa Rosa Fire Department, Community Outreach at 707-543-3549 or plowenthal@srcity.org.