Living With Fire 


The tragedy of Wildfires can destroy homes quickly and families are often devastated by the losses. Last year 7,865 fires burned a total of 555,044 acres in California and was considered amongst the worst and driest fire seasons in recorded history.   Wildfire protection for our community home begins with our residents, they are the first line of defense against a Wildfire. The Santa Rosa Fire Department will assist our residents in the following Wildland Urban Interface neighborhoods with planning for, preparing for and helping to prevent wildfires.

Join the Santa Rosa Fire Department at the following Santa Rosa locations for a public service presentation on how to PLAN. PREPARE. PREVENT Wildfires! Wildfires Happen!

Oakmont and surrounding communities

Thursday, July 9th 2pm, Berger Center – 6633 Oakmont Dr.


Bennett Valley Heights, Annadel Heights, Fairway Estates

and surrounding Annadel Mountain neighborhoods

Tuesday, July 21st 7pm, Strawberry School Multi-Purpose Room

2311 Horseshoe Drive, Santa Rosa


Fountain Grove I, Fountain Grove II, Skyhawk, Montecito Neighborhoods and surrounding neighborhoods

Wednesday July 29th 7pm, Fountain Grove Golf and Athletic Club

1525 Fountain Grove Parkway, Santa Rosa

"Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area"
Homeowners living in the "Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area" can view information about how to protect your property in the event of a wildfire. Click on the image at left or this link for more information. Living With Fire In Sonoma County: A Guide For The Homeowner.  This document is provided by Fire Safe Sonoma. 

Additional information on Wildland/Urban Interface Hazard Assessment Methodologies can be found in the following brochure: /SiteCollectionImages/acrobat.gif WHAM

For additional Fire Planning information visit: FireSafeSonoma.org.

If you missed the meetings last year, be sure and look at the resources for the County-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Updated Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area,
On February 24, 2009 the Santa Rosa City Council approved an amendment to Chapter 47 Section 18-44.4702.1 of the 2007 California Fire Code (CFC) defining a Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area as follows:

"Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area is a geographical area in the City of Santa Rosa at significant risk from wildfires as designated on the map titled Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area, dated January 28, 2009 and retained on file in the City Geographic Information System and in the Office of the City’s Fire Marshall.  The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area shall include Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones recommended by the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection pursuant to Public Resource Code sections 4201 – 4204 and Government Code sections 51175 – 51189.”

In addition to complying with existing building and fire code requirements, all new construction within a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area will be required to meet Phase I and II construction requirements as set forth in Chapter 7A of the 2007 California Buildining Code (CBC) 

Click on the link below view or download the new map.

pdf - Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area


 Wildland Resources