Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for reviewing, updating and enforcing fire-related codes and ordinances. Activities carried out by this Bureau include code compliance inspections of all occupancies except single-family dwellings, vegetation management inspections, weed abatement program, regulation of business-related hazardous waste, public education programs, and the investigation of fires to determine origin and cause. Santa Rosa Fire Department has been designated by the State of California as a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for hazardous materials regulatory enforcement. 

The Santa Rosa Fire Department maintains a progressive Fire Prevention Bureau staffed by a Fire Marshal, two Assistant Fire Marshals, three Fire Inspectors, a Plan Checker, and a Community Outreach Specialist.

The Bureau is responsible for a wide variety of fire prevention activities. These include Inspections and Code Enforcement, Hazardous Materials Disclosure, Fire Investigation, Public Education and Weed Abatement. The Fire Department also administers the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for the City. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for hazardous materials, hazardous waste program management and hazardous materials enforcement.

All nine of the City’s fire stations are involved in a fire inspection program and work closely with Fire Inspectors in the Fire Prevention Bureau to reduce our community’s fire risk.


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