The Santa Rosa Fire Department would like to remind you that the sale, possession and/or use of any and all fireworks within the City limits of Santa Rosa, are illegal.  Persons using fireworks of any type will have the fireworks confiscated, and will be issued a citation or arrested.

The ban on fireworks is a result of a local ordinance that was put forth to the citizens of Santa Rosa as a ballot measure (Measure F*) in March of 2004. 

The push to ban fireworks surfaced after a large scale fire occured in June of 2003.  Two juveniles playing with Safe and Sane fireworks in one of the City's Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in eastern Santa Rosa caused the fire.  The resulting fire consumed 42 acres of open space, destroyed one single family home (estimated at $750,000.00) and injured multiple firefighters who fought to save other homes in the area.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department appreciates your cooperation and fire prevention efforts this holiday season. The Fire Department encourage citizens to celebrate and enjoy a safe 4th of July by attending one of the many community celebrations scheduled around the County.  In Santa Rosa, citizens are encouraged to attend the Red, White and Boom celebration at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.   

For more information about this special event please visit the Santa Rosa Red White and Boom Web Site.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

 **City of Santa Rosa City Code:  18-44.3308.3 - Sale, use or discharge of fireworks prohibited - Exception: (1) Exception for public display of fireworks authorized pursuant to this section, it is unlawful for any person to possess, store, offer, or expose for sale, sell at retail, give away or in any manner dispose of any fireworks, or to use, explode, or otherwise discharge any fireworks.**


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