taxi cab imageThe Santa Rosa City Council has adopted Ordinance # 3964 on July 12, 2011 regarding the operation of a taxi business within the city. In order to operate a taxi business, your business must be franchised with the City of Santa Rosa. Any persons or entity who engages in providing taxicab service within the City shall be required to enter into a non-exclusive Franchise Agreement with the City to provide such service. All businesses and drivers have to submit applications to the Santa Rosa Police Department. Vehicles utilized as taxicabs must be inspected as outlined in section 06-87.200 of the city ordinance. All drivers and vehicles must be permitted by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Franchise Application Process:

§      Taxicab business must complete a Franchise application with the Santa Rosa Police Department and be approved in order to operate a business in the City of Santa Rosa.

§      Each taxicab driver must complete a Driver application and have it approved by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

§      Each vehicle must have a permit issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department.

§      If you need additional forms, you may access the online forms or come to the upstairs lobby of the Police Department and pick one up.

§      Make a check payable to the City of Santa Rosa and turn in the completed application form to:  Santa Rosa Police Department, 965 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA  95404.


Franchise Fee Amount:  Franchise fees shall be payable on all gross taxicab revenues received from customers located within the City limits.  The franchise fee shall be calculated based on gross collection revenues prior to Franchisee imposing the franchise fee on its customers. The initial franchise fee shall be two percent (2%) of such received revenue.

Payment Due Date:  Franchise fees shall be payable on a semi-annual basis, and shall be due and payable on the fifteenth (15th) day of the month immediately following.  Each payment shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.  The semi-annual periods are November to April (due May 15th), and May to October (due November 15th).

Franchise Fee Remittance:  Please complete a Remittance form for each semi-annual period to accompany your franchise fee payment. 

Make check payable to City of Santa Rosa and send to:

Finance Dept./Revenue Division
P.O. Box 1673
Santa Rosa, CA  95402-1673

 List of Approved Taxi Cab Companies:  These companies have been franchised, vehicles have passed all inspections, and driver(s) have been permitted to drive vehicles.