Selling to the
City of Santa Rosa



The City of Santa Rosa competitively purchases a wide variety of materials and services. There are three distinct types of procurements that are managed under different ordinance and policy. They are:

      • Material, Supplies, Equipment and Services
        Municipal Code 3-08
      • Public Works Contract Policy
        Municipal Code 3-44
      • Professional Services
        Council Policy 600-01

Materials, supplies, equipment and services are procured through a centralized purchasing system headed by the City Purchasing Agent. Major public works contracts are managed by the Public Works, Recreation & Parks, and Utilities Departments while minor and some major public works projects may be awarded through central purchasing. The individual departments needing services manage the procurement of Professional Services. The purpose of this pamphlet is to acquaint vendors with the City's purchasing procedures, policies and personnel for material, supplies equipment, services and minor public works contracts. Brief information is included regarding public works projects and professional services contracts.

We encourage you to do business with the City. It is suggested that your first contact be with the designated buyer for your commodity. You can find out the buyer assigned to your commodities by calling (707) 543-3700. Purchasing staff's responsibility is to purchase the materials and services when needed by the City, at optimum quality and price, and to keep ever mindful that public monies are being spent.  ADA compliant items are also purchased whenever possible.  Vendors and potential vendors should keep in mind that the City of Santa Rosa policy requires that procurement of materials, services and construction services be done in a manner so as to encourage open competition (competitive bidding or competitive sealed proposals).  A 1% local vendor preference is also offered for written solicitations for services and supplies.

The policies set forth in this pamphlet are in compliance with the Santa Rosa City Charter, Santa Rosa Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, California law, and the California Association of Public Purchasing Officers Standards of Purchasing Practices.Unauthorized Commitments

In accordance with the Municipal Code, no purchase is binding upon the City unless it is made by the City Council, Board of Public Utilities, City Manager, or City Purchasing Agent (or Directors of Public Works, Recreation & Parks and Utilities for public works contracts only). Employees with positions titled senior buyer, buyer, or purchasing technician have been delegated authority to act as the agents for the City. Storekeepers and stores clerks may make limited purchases of automotive supplies, material and/or services costing less than $5,000. No other persons are authorized to act as the City's agent, and sellers should protect themselves by asking for written confirmation of orders and awards. Other employees may procure material with local retail vendors through Blanket Purchase Orders and VISA procurement cards that are described later in this pamphlet.



Supplier Visiting Hours

Appointments are encouraged. The best days and hours for supplier visits are Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Consideration will be given to out-of-town suppliers who are not familiar with our visiting hours.


Sales Contact with Other Divisions

Please make the Finance Department, Purchasing Division your first contact. When circumstances indicate such action, Purchasing personnel may arrange interviews between vendors' representatives and other departments within the City. Generally speaking, Purchasing makes contacts with vendors as to quality, quantity, delivery, prices, terms and adjustments. No one outside of the Finance Department, Purchasing Division can commit the City to a purchase (excluding Professional Services). Do not ship any materials or initiate any services without a purchase order number or a VISA procurement card.

Methods of Procurement

Material, supplies, equipment and services procurements are:

Small Non-Competitive Purchases:  Procurements valued at less than $5,000 may be awarded without competition.

  • Purchase Orders are specific orders placed by the Finance Department, Purchasing Division.
  • A Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) is issued to selected vendors, on an annual basis by Purchasing, for use by City employees to procure repetitive, high volume, low dollar value items on a continuing basis without specific Purchasing authorization. BPO use is generally limited to $1,000 per day per vendor.
  • Procurement Cards are VISA cards used by employees to procure material and services that generally cost less than $1000 per transaction.

Small Purchase – Informal Bids:  Less than $100,000.

  • Written Request for Quotation (RFQs). The purchase of items costing between $5,000 and $100,000 are made after obtaining written quotations, except that quotes for less than $30,000 may be taken verbally.  A quotation should be submitted on the Request for Quotations (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) form mailed to you, obtained from the City internet site, or from City of Santa Rosa, Purchasing Division at 635 First  Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Facsimile written quotations are acceptable as long as information is complete and the quote is signed.
  • Telephone Request for Quotations (RFQs). Telephone quotations may be requested for items valued at less than $30,000 or where time limitations or emergency conditions prevail. When a company is contacted for a telephone quote, a firm price must be given as well as a delivery time and your discount terms. A purchase order number may be issued with a hard copy mailed later.

Formal Bids – Excess of $100,000:  The City Municipal Code requires that the Finance Department, Purchasing Division formally solicit bids for goods or services valued above $100,000. Formal sealed bids are requested in the form of Invitation for Bids (IFB) and competitive sealed proposals are requested in the form of Request for Proposals. Any questions regarding formal bids should be addressed to the buyer indicated in the bid. Technical questions should be referred to the person mentioned in the bid, if applicable. A formal offer should be submitted on the Invitation for Bids (IFB) or Request for Proposals (RFP) form mailed to you, obtained from the City Internet site, or from City of Santa Rosa, Purchasing Division at 635 First  Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.  The City of Santa Rosa does not accept facsimile responses to formal bids. Formal bids must have an original signature, and any incomplete data or irregularities may result in a formal bid being found non-responsive and thus not considered.

Closing Time for Quotations, Proposals, and Formal Bids

The closing time is noted on the form mailed or picked up by the vendor. Quotations, Proposals, and Bids are to be delivered to the Administrative Services Department - Purchasing Office at which time they are date and time stamped. Public opening and reading of formal Invitation for Bids will be in the Finance Department, Purchasing Office at the time and date indicated in the Invitation for Bids. Quotations and Proposals are generally not opened in public. Any Quotation, Proposal, or Formal Bid received after the closing time, as indicated by the official purchasing office clock, will be returned unopened to the bidder.


For goods and services, City Council and Board of Public Utilities Awards are those greater than $100,000. City Manager Awards are those that are less than $100,000 but more than $50,000. Purchasing Agent Awards are those that are less than $50,000. Contracts and Purchase Orders are issued after the award is made to the successful bidder. It is expected that the vendor will faithfully fulfill orders in accordance with the specifications. Goods are inspected at destination; payment will not be made until acceptance is satisfactory.

For public works projects, City Council and Board of Public Utilities Awards are those greater than $120,000. City Manager Awards are those that are less than $120,000 but more than $50,000. The Directors of Public Works, Utilities, Recreation & Parks and the Purchasing Agent Awards are those that are less than $50,000. Contracts and purchase orders are issued after the award is made to the successful bidder.

Bidding Opportunities

The City places opportunities for you to do business with us on the City’s website at www.srcity.org/bids. In addition, suppliers may pick up bid packages at the Purchasing Office, 635 First Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.

The City website lists selling opportunities but does not deliver scaled drawings via the website. When the City has scaled drawings or complex documents to deliver as part of the bid, instructions will be provided in the bid package regarding how these drawings or documents may be obtained.

Release of Information

It is City policy to not release bid results until after review by the Buyer and Requesting Department.  Bid results are posted on the City’s website as soon as possible at www.srcity.org/bids, or may be obtained by calling Purchasing.  Because proposals are negotiable, information regarding offers received from a Request for Proposals (RFP) is not made public until after award.  Copies of bids or other written information will be released with a specific written request and a charge of 10¢ per page plus labor.


The City of Santa Rosa is subject to California law regarding conflict of interest, including the receipt of gifts or entertainment. Vendors are requested to cooperate in this regard.


The Directors of Public Works, Utilities, Recreation & Parks, and the Purchasing Agent manage Public Works bids and awards, in accordance with the Municipal Code.  Like other types of awards, public works awards will be based upon competitive bidding.

Bid Opportunities for Public Works projects are located on the City Contracts page.  City Public Works project bids are also normally on file at the North Coast Builders Exchange located at 1030 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

General questions regarding underground public works construction and major projects should be referred to:

Public Works Department

Municipal Services Center – South

69 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Information (707) 543-3800


Utilities Department

Municipal Services Center – South

69 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Information (707) 543-4200

The Finance Department Purchasing staff may answer questions regarding minor projects and repair projects.


When a City department requires professional or consulting services, the department head generally contracts directly for such services. Questions and requests for information should be referred to the appropriate department head.


The City normally requires most vendors and contractors providing services to the City possess at least General Commercial Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  The exact requirements will be specified in the bid package or will be explained by the City buyer.


The City offers a variety of vehicles, equipment and supplies, no longer needed by the City, for sale to the general public on a competitive basis.  Interested parties are encouraged to visit the City’s Buying from the City page to see what is available.


For material, equipment, supplies, services, minor and some major public works contracts:


Finance Department – Purchasing Office

635 First Street, 2nd Floor
Santa Rosa, CA  95404
(707) 543-3700 General Information
(707) 543-3703 Fax


Purchasing Staff


Valerie Shatto

(707) 543-3708

Amy Carter

(707) 543-3702

Jennifer Myles
Senior Buyer

(707) 543-3709

Brandalyn Tramel
Purchasing Agent

(707) 543-3706


(Revised March 13, 2012)