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Find Your Zoning District
You can determine the zoning district of your potential site by going to the City's public GIS map site and accessing the user-friendly interactive map that the City has provided. Once you’ve reached the map site, follow these easy steps to find your zoning district.

Click on “Find” on top menu.

Arrow on "Find" icon on map

Enter the address (or parcel number) of your potential site.  When you type in the street name field, the application will generate potential matches which you can select.

"Address Search" box

Click on “Zoom to Feature” (magnifying glass).  If there are multiple results from one address, you should click on the magnifying glass next to your desired selection.

Arrow on "Zoom to Feature"

Close the Report box.  Map should be centered on chosen address. Click on the "Addresses" box under "Miscellaneous Layers" on the left menu.

Arrow on "Addresses" box

Choose “Parcel” tool on top menu.

Arrow on "Parcel" icon on map

Click on the parcel that contains your address.

Arrow on parcel on map

Click on “Development Information” to see the zoning district.

Arrow pointing to zoning district

Note:  If the district indicated is a Planned Development District (PD), you can click on "Planned Development" to view the policy statement outlining allowable land uses and permit requirements for that specific district.

Arrows pointing to PD zoning district and Planned Development link

Now that you’ve determined your zoning district, you can find out the land use and permit requirements for that district.

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