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About our Environmental Champions:

Christine Culver

Christine Culver

Christine sold her car three years ago and commutes to work by bike or foot-- rain or shine. She has been using canvas or recycled bags for over 8 years. Christine won't treat herself to a cup of coffee unless she brings her own coffee mug. She buys local veggies and fruit from Harmony Farm and gets her eggs from her next door neighbor. Christine also installed a photovoltaic array to offset her energy use at home.

Redwood Credit Union

RCU accepting award from Vice Mayor Sawyer

Redwood Credit Union (RCU) has joined the City of Santa Rosa's effort to improve conservation of our resources and our environment with an extensive remodel of their corporate facility building on Cleveland Ave. The building is not only environmentally responsible, but also significantly improves the view of Santa Rosa along the Highway 101 corridor.

Before Remodel

After Remodel

This project required the complete remodel of the 40-year old facility to update for earthquake readiness, energy and water conservation, and use of 'green' building materials.

RCU has been working with a consultant throughout the entire process to catalogue and record materials taken offiste and recycled, new materials introduced into the building such as carpet, paint, linoleum, and cabinetry to ensure they meet environmental standards. The building incorporated passive solar design as well as photovoltaic. RCU is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver cerified.

Interior Before Remodel

Interior After Remodel

Camron MacDonald

Camron is a City of Santa Rosa employee that took it upon herself to find a creative reuse for furnishing packaging fabric. She collects these scraps and gives them to a local quilting group to make blankets for the homeless. Camron is aware of the importance of buying environmentally friendly products and engages other City staff to do so as well.


 Environmental Champions

The Santa Rosa City Council wants to recognize those who are helping protect our environment and support their efforts. If you, or someone you know, continually strides  to protect our environment please email us at environmentalprojects@srcity.org so we can present them with an Environmental Champion Award.