Geysers Project

Geysers Expansion Project

The Geysers Expansion Project builds on the Geysers Recharge Project approved in 1998 and which began operation in 2003. The Geysers Recharge Project conveys 12.6 mgd or 4,607 MG to the Geysers steamfield annually for recharge of the steamfield and generation of green electricity. The Geysers Expansion Project will increase recycled water deliveries to the Geysers steamfield up to 19.8 million gallons per day (mgd) or as much as an additional 3,209 million gallons (MG) per year. This expanded volume is less than that of Alternative 5, Geysers Expansion, evaluated in the Program EIR, but greater than the volume allotted for Geysers reuse under the Master Plan. The City has prepared several documents: A revision to the Master Plan to expand Geysers reuse entitled August 2007 Update to the Recycled Water Master Plan (Updated Master Plan); an Addendum to the Program EIR documenting the environmental impacts of the Updated Master Plan; and a CEQA Checklist documenting that the impacts of the Geysers Expansion Project are described in the Program EIR. The two CEQA approaches are combined in theĀ August 2007 Addendum to Program EIR and Geysers Expansion Project CEQA Checklist. In addition, the City has completed negotiations with Calpine, the steamfield operator, and has signed a contract to send more water to the Geysers.

Copies of these documents are also available at City Hall, the Laguna Plant, and the main downtown branch of the Sonoma County Library and at other county libraries. You may also purchase copies from ARC Printers by calling (707) 579-9096.

Electronic files of the Geysers Expansion Project are available here:

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