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construction of new sewer main

The City of Santa Rosa’s Water system consists of over 600 miles of water main ranging from 4” up to 24”.  The City water mains are supplied by over 30+ turn-outs from the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) aqueduct. Pipe materials differ over the years from cast iron, ductile iron, concrete cylinder, AC, C-900 (PVC pipe). Standards now include ductile, C-900 and concrete cylinder when specified.

Over 50,000 water service connections provide water service to both commercial and residential customers. Sizes range from ¾” to 1” copper for residential use and 2” copper pipe to 4”and 6” C-900 or ductile iron pipe for commercial use.

The water system is maintained by three Local Water Construction crews that are responsible for making all the needed repairs in a timely manner. Every effort is made to insure the delivery of safe drinking water with a minimum interruption to our customers.