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Innovative land-use planning is critical to the creation of effective transportation options for the City of Santa Rosa.  As part of the City’s ongoing commitment to evaluate options that will support the planning, design and construction of an infrastructure focused on moving people, goods and services through the City, the Public Works and Transit Departments have been restructured to create the Transportation and Public Works Department.

This reorganization was initiated to realize the benefits of having a single organization focused on the integration of various transportation modalities (car, bus, bike and pedestrian) into the initial land-use planning process. This integration will benefit the economic and social health of our community.  With all services merged into one department it eliminates the need for one department head position and will provide an immediate budget savings in excess of $200,000.  Additional administrative efficiencies are expected over time as administrative, planning and design teams coordinate more of their work.

Although Public Works and Transit have been long-time partners, the creation of the new Transportation and Public Works Department intensifies the priority of transportation in the land-use planning process.

The changes, effective October 1, 2011, are designed to strengthen internal communications and coordination within the new department to improve services for the community.

The information provided on this website will be updated and organized to refect this change. You'll be able to find the information you need as easily as before.  

The Transit Division operates:                               

  • Santa Rosa CityBus
    • A fixed route public transit system
    • Provides service for over 2.8 million passenger trips annually
    • Fleet of 33 buses
    • 17 fixed routes
    • Over 400 bus stops
  • Santa Rosa Paratransit
    • Curb-to-curb van service for those who can’t utilize CityBus service
    • Eleven Paratransit vans and three sedans
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Services
    • Planning for bicycle and pedestrian facilities
    • Supports the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board which is appointed by the Santa Rosa City Council
  • Transportation Programs
    • Learn to Ride CityBus Travel Training Program 
    • Santa Rosa Free Ride Trip Reduction Incentive Program

Anita Winkler
Deputy Director
Transit Division
Transportation and Public Works




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