Paratransit Users Guide  


The City of Santa Rosa offers Paratransit transportation service to those who are unable to independently use Santa Rosa CityBus or other fixed-route service due to a disability or health related condition some, or all of the time. This service is provided as part of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

There are specific eligibility requirements for Paratransit service, completion of an application, and an in-person interview to determine eligibility. Call (707) 541-7180 to schedule an assessment.

The City of Santa Rosa takes pride in providing high quality, safe, reliable and courteous transportation service. Santa Rosa Paratransit is highly subsidized. The one-way fare (which is double the adult fixed-route fare) covers a very small fraction of the overall cost of the trip, which is approximately $40 one-way.   

Scheduling a Trip

For local trips within the City of Santa Rosa, service is offered Monday through Saturday starting at 6:00 AM with the last trip departing at 8:00 PM. Sunday service starts at 9:00 AM with the last trip departing at 5:00 PM. Service is provided every day
except for the following holidays: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, and Memorial Day.

Reservations can be made from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Call 546-1999 to schedule a ride.
E-mail your reservation request to one of our schedulers:
Mohamed Hag Ali at mhagali@mvtransit.com
Cheryl Marcovich at cmarcovich@mvtransit.com.  

On weekends, you may reach an answering machine. Please leave your name and phone number and a scheduler will
return your call. Remember trips requiring transfers must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

Depending on your location, you may be able to schedule your ride directly with the transferring provider who may be able to pick you up at your residence. If this is not possible, you should call your primary provider with all of the pertinent information; appointment time, physical address and telephone number. Your primary provider will then contact the transferring provider to schedule a meeting time window, a return pick up time and the fare. The transfer location in Santa Rosa is at the YMCA on College Avenue.

If you are unable to reserve the ride 48 hours in advance, you will need to reserve the individual rides with your primary provider and the transferring provider separately. The best way to do this is to arrange the ride with the transferring provider first, so you have their pick up and return time when you call your primary provider.

When you need to travel outside of Santa Rosa, contact the appropriate Paratransit provider:

  For trips within Sonoma County call:  Volunteer Wheels (800) 992-1006.

  For trips to Marin County, San Francisco, or the East Bay:
   Whistlestop Wheels (800) 454-0964.

Areas Served 

Santa Rosa Paratransit provides dial-a-ride, curb to curb transportation services within the Santa Rosa city limits and the unincorporated area of Roseland. This meets the requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Trip Purpose Priority

Trips are scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis. Trips may be reserved from one day to seven days in advance. The service is a shared ride so you may have additional passengers with you. If possible, plan your trip between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, with fewer people traveling during these times; your trip will likely be shorter.  

Passenger Responsibilities 

MV Transportation complies with the ADA Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities Guidelines provided by the Federal Transportation Administration, Department of Transportation.

It is the policy of MV Transportation to ensure safe and effective transportation for all passengers and staff along with the proper operation of all vehicles. The following list of Passenger Responsibilities has been established to ensure this policy; however, they are not meant to be all inclusive. Violation of any Passenger Responsibility can result in the passenger receiving a warning letter to temporary suspension from Santa Rosa Paratransit services.

1.   Inappropriate Social Behavior

All passengers, including MV Transportation staff, have the right to participate without any threat or fear of physical or verbal abuse and with personal comfort. Passengers are therefore expected to exhibit appropriate social behavior while interacting with other passengers and with MV Transportation staff.

2.   Disruptive Behavior

Sudden or loud verbal outbursts which could threaten the health of fragile riders or the driver’s safe attention while driving.

Soiling the vehicle with bodily fluids or waste, or thereby creating a hazard to others.

Failing to maintain reasonable personal hygiene, resulting in excessive body odor. 

3.   Dangerous Behavior and Physical Abuse

Dangerous behavior and physical abuse are defined as any threat or action that could cause any physical harm to the driver, other passengers, the individual or MV Transportation staff or equipment, including the vehicle.

The penalty for a proven incident of dangerous or unsafe behavior or physical abuse will be determined by MV Transportation and the Santa Rosa Transit Department. Penalty can range from a warning letter to permanent suspension from Santa Rosa Paratransit service.

4.   Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is defined as any oral presentation that is offensive to a passenger, driver, or MV Transportation staff.

The penalty for a proven incident of verbal abuse will be determined by MV Transportation and the Santa Rosa Transit Department. Penalties can range from a warning letter to temporary suspension from Santa Rosa Paratransit service.

5.   Causes for Refusal of Service

Dangerous behavior or physical or verbal abuse towards drivers or other passengers on the vehicle, are grounds for immediate refusal of Santa Rosa Paratransit service.

6.   Escorts, Aides and Guests

Paratransit clients are permitted to bring along one escort/aide to assist them during their trip. Clients my also bring along friends and family members. Everyone accompanying the client, except for an escort/aide, is required to pay the full fare, only the escort/aide travels for free. Reservations are required for everyone traveling with the client. The client can reserve space for themselves, their escort/aide and one guest. Additional guests are welcome provided space is available in the vehicle. MV Transportation schedulers must be informed of the total number of people taking the trip when the trip is scheduled. Everyone traveling with the Paratransit client is required to disembark at the same destination. An ADA eligible individual may not schedule a trip then send an escort or aide on a trip alone. Santa Rosa Paratransit vehicles are required to transport ADA eligible individuals.           

7.   Fares

Passengers are expected to pay the full fare for every trip. The fare for a one-way trip within Santa Rosa is typically double the current adult fixed-route fare. Fares can be paid with a Paratransit ticket, check or exact cash. Drivers do not carry change. Paratransit ticket books (10 one-way tickets), and current fare information are available by calling Santa Rosa Transit at 543-3333 and online at www.srcity.org/citybus.

8.   Late Cancellations/No-Shows

Call MV Transportation as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation. By cancelling well in advance, you help MV Transportation improve service to all customers.

If you are unavailable for your initial pick up or cancel your trip without the minimum two-hour notice, Santa Rosa Paratransit will make every effort to contact you to see if you still need your scheduled return trip. If Santa Rosa Paratransit is unable to contact you, they will assume you still need your scheduled return trip and will be at that location within 30 minutes (15 minutes before or after) the origianlly scheduled pick-up time.

A No-show happens when riders do not cancel a scheduled trip at least two hours in advance or are not available to board within five minutes of the vehicle’s arrival within the pickup window. MV Transportation will attempt to contact the passenger when a No-show occurs.

Riders can avoid No-show situations when they:

Review times and dates with the schedulers to be sure the information is correct.

Call MV Transportation and cancel rides as soon as the ride is no longer needed.

Cancel at least 2 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup time.

Are prepared to board at the starting time of the pickup window and within 5 minutes after the bus arrives.

No-Show Policy:

Santa Rosa Paratransit’s Late Cancellations/No-Show policy is modeled in accordance with the industry standard. Its purpose is to address chronic abuse of Paratransit service. Abuse of the Paratransit system affects the ability to provide Paratransit services to other eligible clients.

Every time a Late Cancellation/No-Show occurs it is recorded in the rider’s trip record. If you have two or more Late Cancellation/No-shows within any 30-day period the rider’s trip record will be reviewed. If a pattern or practice of missed trips, repeated or intentional, is determined, the client will be warned. Continued violations may result in suspension of Santa Rosa Paratransit service.

When there are circumstances outside the rider’s control, it is not considered a No-show. If, for some reason, MV Transportation arrives after your 30-minute pickup window and you have made other arrangements or cancelled your ride, it is not considered a No-show. 

9.  Lateness

All passengers are expected to be ready at their scheduled pickup time to prevent other passengers from facing avoidable delays. MV Transportation is not required to wait more than five minutes for a passenger upon arriving at a scheduled pickup time. Because of traffic irregularities, MV Transportation is considered “on time” when the Paratransit vehicle arrives five minutes before the scheduled time or up to thirty minutes after the scheduled time. Please plan your trip with this 35 minute flexibility in mind. If the Paratransit vehicle arrives more than 30 minutes late, there will be no charge for that trip.

10.  Accessibility

Drivers will escort passengers to and from the front door of the primary building upon arrival at both origin and destination with the following limitations:

Paratransit drivers cannot enter any interior area of a home or apartment.

Paratransit drivers can never lose sight of a Paratransit vehicle or leave a vehicle unsupervised with passengers aboard.

Drivers cannot assist passengers in wheelchairs or other mobility devices up more than one step.

The ADA does not recognize a difference between door-to-door service and curb-to-curb service. The ADA recognizes origination to destination service only. Drivers are prohibited from doing any lifting, pushing or pulling to accommodate barriers. Any barriers that might risk the health or safety of the passenger, or MV staff or volunteers must be removed.

If safe access is not available, MV Transportation will provide curb service ONLY.

11.  Riding with Assigned Vehicle Operator

All passengers are expected to ride with the vehicle operator assigned by MV Transportation. Complaints regarding a vehicle operator’s performance should be reported promptly to the MV Transportation Program Director by calling 546-1999 for investigation and appropriate actions. MV Transportation can be reached at 1-877-M V S A F E T (1-877-687-2338).

12.  Child Safety Seats

Children must be placed in an approved safety seat in
accordance with state and federal laws. No child may ride on a passenger’s lap.  The client is responsible for bringing and setting up the child safety seat.

13.  Mobility Aids and/or Devices

Mobility aids and devices that cannot be safely secured with MV Transportation tie downs, or that are not safe to carry on the lift, will not be allowed on MV Transportation vehicles. If using a scooter, it is strongly encouraged that you transfer to a seat if possible. If a rider needs assistance with transferring from a scooter or wheelchair to a seat, it is strongly encouraged that he/she bring along an aide/escort to perform this service. The overall intent of this guideline is to try to find a safe way to accommodate each passenger. If no safe method exists for a passenger to board, ride, or disembark a MV Transportation vehicle, MV will provide curb service only.

All passengers using mobility devices are required to use the provided lap belts. It is strongly recommended that the shoulder belts be used as well.

How Big Can My Wheelchair or Scooter Be?

When purchasing a new wheelchair or scooter, riders should consider if it will fit on MV Transportation vehicles. 

Maximum Size: 48 inches long and 30 inches wide

Maximum Weight (including occupant): 600 pounds

Wheelchair size


Any wheelchair larger than this is considered oversized. 
Under ADA guidelines, Paratransit vehicles and equipment are designed to carry common wheelchairs which fit within these dimensions.  A common wheelchair is defined as any three or four wheeled mobility device up to 48 inches long by 30 inches wide and weighing no more than 600 pounds (including passenger). 

14. Packages       

Passengers are advised to limit their carry-on bags or packages to four, with each package no heavier than twenty pounds. One small (see dimensions below) shopping cart is allowed.

 Shopping Cart image
  • Cart is 37" high from the floor to the top of the handle. 
  • Large basket area measures:         
       13" side to side
       11 ½" front to back
       20 ½" top to bottom
  • Small basket area measures:
       12 ½" side to side
       5" front to back
       11 ½" top to bottom
  • Folds for easy storage
15.    Luggage

Luggage that can be stowed in front of or on the lap of the passenger is allowed. This luggage must comply with the same guidelines as airline carry-on luggage:

 Suitcase Image
  • Carry on Bags one carry-on bag not to exceed 22" x 9" x 14".

16.    Seat Belts

All passengers must wear seat belts.

17.    Service Animals 

A service animal is defined by the ADA as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide
assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under the ADA regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by a state or local government.

When scheduling a trip, please advise the scheduler that a service animal will be riding. The service animal must stay on the floor of the vehicle and be under control and well behaved at all times. Any service animal will be removed if it shows signs of aggression or any other inappropriate behavior such as urinating or defecating on the Paratransit vehicle. 

Helpful Hints for Reserving a Ride

1.    Before calling MV Transportation, write down the:
                  Date and time of your trip.
                  Name of person your are going to see.
                  Complete street address, including apartment or suite
                    number of your destination.
                  Phone number at your destination.
                  Time you will be ready to return, if you want a round trip.

2.    If your request is for a busy time of the day (7:00 AM to 9:00 AM or 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM), call to make your reservation as far in advance as possible.

3.    Remember, a trip request may be made up to seven days in advance and all trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.                                  

4.    If you have time flexibility in your trip, please let the MV Transportation schedulers know this at the beginning of your call.

Demand for Paratransit service is very high and MV Transportation is always trying to maximize the number of trips provided each service day. If you are requesting a ride on a day that isn’t busy, it will only take a few minutes to schedule your trip. However, if you need to travel on a busy day or at a busy time of day, it will take the scheduler a few minutes longer to include your trip in that day’s schedule.       

Let us know how we are doing!
Feedback from our riders is a valuable source of information. Comments and suggestions can be delivered to us by mail, fax, in person or by telephone. Contact information is on the next page. If you would like a response to your comment or suggestion, include your complete name and mailing address and a written response will be provided within 14 days. If you are unhappy with the service you received, please be specific and include the time, date, vehicle number, driver name or identification number, and nature of your concern.  

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