The Operational Team fills a critical role in representing the interests of various community stakeholders; it is also a deliberate effort to involve them in mapping out the needs, strategies and impact of the work that is done.

The Operational Team is composed of Police, Probation, Recreation & Parks, the District Attorney, non-profit organizations, community groups, neighborhood groups, and individuals who are directly involved with youth. They are appointed by members of the Policy Team as a representative of their organization who is able to bring the knowledge, expertise and resources to share with the community. These community groups will work together to focus on a specific area of gang prevention and/or intervention (e.g., public education, mentoring, recreation and job skills development).

The Operational Team's responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with individuals, groups, and interests who are affected by a specific gang prevention, intervention or enforcement issue
  • Coordinating efforts with groups and individuals already working on gang-related issues
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan set out by the Policy Team

The Operational Team meetings are closed to the public. It is possible to reach an Operational Team member through the Policy Team representative of that organization.

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