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Contact us at 543-3499 to learn more about:

  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Volunteer/Adopt-A-Block Program
  • Obtaining Paint
  • Donating to the Volunteer Program
Graffiti Abatement

The City of Santa Rosa takes a pro-active approach to graffiti abatement.  As “tagging” and gang graffiti has escalated, so too has the City’s efforts to eliminate it.

The Public Works, Police and Parks Departments work collaboratively to address graffiti vandalism through abatement, education, and enforcement. It is hoped that through the efforts of the City staff, volunteers, property owners, and effective enforcement of Graffiti Abatement Ordinance 3729, graffiti will be limited throughout the City of Santa Rosa.



The Public Works Department:

- Removes graffiti from public property

The Santa Rosa Police Department:

Is responsible for graffiti abatement from private property

Enforces the City's Graffiti Abatement Ordinance 3729

Conducts vandalism investigations

Administers the Volunteer Graffiti Abatement Program

Makes Presentations to schools, community groups and neighborhood associations

Conducts community outreach campaigns and attends special events

The Recreation and Parks Department:

Removes graffiti from City parks 

Reporting Graffiti
When reporting  graffiti vandalism in progress, be prepared to give a description of the location of the graffiti, the vandals clothing, age, height, gender and what was used to do the graffiti.  

How do I distinguish public property from private property?
In general, public property includes parks, streets, sidewalks, and street furniture - for example, traffic signals, streetlights, water hydrants, and signs. Report graffiti in these areas to the responsible agency.  Private property is typically located behind the sidewalk - for example, buildings, walls, and fences.

Who is responsible for graffiti removal on private property?
Graffiti removal on private property is the responsibility of the property owner, with assistance from the graffiti abatement volunteers on a limited basis.  Exceptions include private utility structures (boxes, poles, etc.) located in the public right-of-way, or State/County property, which can be referred to the appropriate agency.  See the sidebar list of contact numbers.


 Who to Call

Graffiti Hotline: 543-3499
Report graffiti vandalism

Police Department
Report graffitti in progress

Police Department
Community Outreach  543-3653

North Bay Corporation  586-1478
eport graffiti on trash cans/bins call

Parks Department  543-3770

Report graffiti in parks

Sonoma County (707) 565-2152
Report graffiti in County areas

Caltrans (707) 762-6641
Report graffiti on the freeway, sound walls and highway signs

Report graffiti on private utilities
Gas/Electrical (PG&E) 800-743-5000
Cable TV (Comcast) (707) 588-5501
Telephone (SBC) (800) 246-8464