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Weed Season: May – Oct

2015 Weed Abatement Season inspections begin May 15, 2015

The City of Santa Rosa Fire Department would like to thank you for your continued support and commitment to fire prevention. Your diligence in maintaining your property for the safety of your family and your community is recognized and appreciated.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to help you with further information regarding Weed Abatement requirements and resources.

Notices are sent to parcel owners that are in previously determined higher fire danger areas. However, your parcel may be identified at any time through the year as a parcel that requires abatement/removal of weeds/rubbish, and a notice will be sent. This does not mean that your property has an identified issue. The first notice is a reminder that we have begun our Fire Season and your property will be inspected in a minimum of two weeks, and maybe inspected throughout the fire season.

Due to laws prohibiting illegal searches, the Weed Abatement Inspectors will not look over fences, climb fences, enter a backyard or enter a residence to confirm weed complaints. All weed violations must be visible from the street and must be in the City of Santa Rosa's jurisdiction.


To Report a Weed Hazard:

Complaints must be filed in one of the following written formats

*The information provided is confidential*


1 - Fax (707-543-3520) : Please use Complaint Form -Weed Abatement Complaint Form.pdf

2 - Email (weeds@SantaRosaFD.com): Please use Complaint Form - Weed Abatement Complaint Form.pdf

3 - On-line:  MySantaRosa.aspx

4 - USPS:                                                                                                             

Please use Complaint Form (Weed Abatement Complaint Form.pdf) and send to: 

City of Santa Rosa Weed Abatement Program    
2373 Circadian Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Inclusion of photos are helpful

The Weed Abatement Staff responds to each complaint, however they will not be contacting you unless they have questions, or unless you ask to be contacted.  Please submit all complaints in writing.


What is “Weed Abatement”? 

The actual removal of combustible growth and material from property, actual removal of weeds and/or rubbish as performed by the parcel owner or a contractor hired by the parcel owner. Parcels that are not in compliance and have received notices and have not taken action to comply with their notices with be sent to a contractor hired by the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department. The parcel owner will be held responsible for all costs incurred included the initial inspection fees (including the investigation, inspection, preparation, service, and/or publication or administrative notices and other related clerical costs performed by the Fire Department).

Does the Fire Department spray for weeds or perform the removal of weeds/rubbish?

No. The property owner is responsible for removal of weeds/rubbish. The Fire Department inspects the property for compliance.

What do you do if you have received a 2015 Notice?

Each year, a notice is sent to property owners as a courtesy reminder of the requirements of the weed abatement program. Please inspect your property and take whatever actions are needed to bring your property into compliance before it is inspected.

Inspect your property frequently throughout the year. You are required to maintain your property per the ordinance until the end of the fire season.

If your property is maintained properly, and is in compliance when inspected, owners will not be charged for the notice, or the inspection.

If a property is not in compliance when inspected by the City, the owner will be charged for all costs related to the inspection and re-inspection of that property.

If a violation remains uncorrected, the City is authorized to hire a contractor to abate the property at the expense of the owner.

If you are maintaining your property to be in compliance, we thank you and appreciate your fire prevention efforts.

What does it mean if you have received a Violation Notice?

Property owners are responsible to maintain their properties to be in compliance at all times, and inspections are conducted throughout the fire season.

The violation notice that has been received should list any violation that was found on the property, as well as timeline for when the property is scheduled to be inspected again.

Property Owners are required to correct all violations on the property as soon as possible to avoid additional charges from the City.

Because the property was not in compliance with the requirements of the City’s Ordinance when it was inspected, you are being charged for the Fire Department’s costs related to all inspections of your property.

If the violation(s) listed is not corrected prior to the next inspection, the City is authorized to hire a contractor to abate the property at the property owners expense, in addition to any other charges and all expenses related to the inspections of the property.

Any unpaid charges will be added to the property owner’s tax bill as a lien on the property.

Can you dispute a violation or an invoice?

Yes.                                                                                                                                    You must provide in writing, the following information:

·         Invoice number

·         Parcel number

·         Photo documentation that your issues has been resolved per the requirements of Ordinance

·         Any receipts or evidence that you have that pertains to the resolution of the issue

·         A signed letter expressing why you are disputing the violation

·         Send to:

Santa Rosa Fire Department

Weed Abatement: dispute

2373 Circadian Way

Santa Rosa, CA  95407

What if I do nothing?

If the violation(s) listed is not corrected prior to the next inspection, the City is authorized to hire a contractor to abate the property at the property owners expense, in addition to any other charges and all expenses related to the inspections of the property.

Will I be charged for that?

Yes, you will be responsible for all costs incurred for the contractor, inspections, and administration fees. These fees can be attached to your tax-roll for you parcel.

What if you are a new owner and the previous notices were not received by you?

We ask that you dispute that charges following the instructions above. The charges will follow the parcel, and may be added to the tax-roll for that property. Any previous owner information is helpful.

What if the parcel is owned by a group/corporation and you were not receiving your mail at your mailing address?

The mailing address is provided through the County of Sonoma as the group/corporation had designated. The group/corporation is still responsible for any and all costs incurred at the parcel. It is strongly recommended that any changes are updated at the County Recorder’s office.

Further information:

Weed Abatement Information

Weed Ordinance 3681

Weed Abatement Referral List

Wildland/Urban Interface


Weed Abatement Complaint Form.pdf

 Contact Information:

Phone: (707) 543-3540

E-mail weeds@SantaRosaFD.com