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Fire Corps Volunteers 

Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Corps

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Santa Rosa Fire Department.  At this time we are not currently accepting new volunteer Applications, but if you would like to get on a waiting list, contact:  Jeanne Fernandes at jfernandes@srcity.com 

Fire Corps Volunteers aid the Santa Rosa Fire Department in non-operational activities, allowing first responders and fire prevention officers to focus their efforts on being prepared for and responding to the most critical, life-threatening situations.  Our volunteers are community minded residents who are dedicated, each in their own way, to making Santa Rosa a better place.  It is my pleasure and honor to oversee this group of altruistic heros.

more information contact: 

Jeanne Fernandes
Community Outreach Specialist
Santa Rosa Fire Dept., Fire Corps
(707) 543-3500

 We Teach at Community Events

People at Wednesday Night Market

 We Teach Safety to School Kids

kids learning with fire fighter

 Enseñamos en español!

Fire prevention info table

 We Teach Hands-Only CPR!

volunteer teaching C.P.R.