Acting Fire Chief Anthony Gossner 


Welcome to the Santa Rosa Fire Department!

The Santa Rosa Fire Department (SRFD) was established as a full time Fire Department in January of 1894. For more than 115 years the men and women of the Santa Rosa Fire Department have proudly served the citizens of Santa Rosa. Our Department takes great pride in our history and those that served before us. It is the work of our past and current employees that have built the professional organization our citizens enjoy today. The SRFD also serves as the Roseland Fire Protection District Fire Department through contract along with automatic aid agreements with the County of Sonoma, Rincon Valley and Bennett Valley Fire Protection Districts. Today, we have 138 dedicated employees serving our community.

Our Fire Operations Bureau manages ten fire stations strategically located around the City. Santa Rosa's ten Fire Engines and two Truck Companies are located to meet the City's General Plan goal of the first resource arrival within 5 minutes of dispatch 90% of the time. A secondary goal is to provide a full assignment response to larger incidents within 8 minutes 90% of the time. The SRFD Fire Department responds to over 21,000 responses per year to fire, emergency medical, rescue and hazardous material incidents.

Our Firefighters are trained to respond to specialized rescue incidents involving water, trench collapse, confined space and urban search and rescue.  These emergencies require specialized training, certification and equipment. Several of our members serve as part of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue California US&R Task Force 4. The team is deployed as part of the nation's response to disasters within and outside the U.S. Each fire engine is staffed with a Firefighter trained as a Paramedic. The Paramedic provides advanced life support services. This program is funded in part through a private public partnership with American Medical Response.

Our Fire Prevention Bureau personnel provide fire prevention services including fire code permitting, hazardous materials management, weed and vegetation management, fire investigation and community outreach services. Our Fire Prevention Bureau has a long standing relationship with the development community. We have developed specific standards, plan review and inspection checklists to assist developers and contractors proactively to have access to the established requirements. These standards are online and available from our support staff.  The Fire Prevention Bureau is partially funded by fees which are paid for by those requesting our services which helps reduce our need for general funds.  The Bureau manages volunteers who assist in providing community education and outreach in the areas of fire prevention, CPR, and other lifesaving skills.

Our Administration Bureau manages plan and permit issuance, scheduling of fire station visits, budget, data management and reporting. The members support our line and management staff. Administrative staff is on the front line of our service to customers, and is an important part of our Department's success.

Since the economic downturn in 2007, the SRFD had budget reductions of over $2 million. During that time we had eliminated 17.5 positions. Our employees have participated in preventing further reductions through employee concessions. As part of budget reductions, we had to rotate fire house closures between Fire House-10, located in the Southwest, and Fire House-11 located in the Northeast.  Beginning in March of 2013 we have secured a grant from FEMA called the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant.  This grant has eliminated the rotating brown out until March of 2015.  

I am proud to have been selected to lead as the Fire Chief as we move forward. Our employees are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our community. Their efforts make a difference within our community every day whether it is responding a medical emergency, teaching pre-school children to call 911 during an emergency, fighting a fire to protect a residents life and property, responding to a residents fire safety complaint, conducting a fire inspection to identify possible fire hazards or helping a business owner obtain their fire permit.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Anthony Gossner
Fire Chief