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Alcohol Sales Permit Fee

In accordance with Chapter 10-05 of the Santa Rosa City Code and in accordance with City Council Resolution No. 25685 passed on June 24, 2003 setting the fee schedule noted in the Annual Remittance Statement attached, there is imposed on each ABC Licensee an Alcohol Sales Permit Fee for each licensed premises in the City of Santa Rosa where the ABC Licensee sells alcohol.  The fee is payable annually and is due no later than April 1st of each year. The amount of the fee shall be based upon the reported annual wholesale alcohol purchases for the previous calendar year.

Annual Wholesale Alcohol Purchases*

Annual Fee

$100 - $33,333


$33,334 - $1,666,666

3/10th of 1% (or .3%) of purchases

$1,666,667 +


*Annual Wholesale Alcohol Purchases shall mean the dollar amount of wholesale alcohol purchases by the ABC Licensee for each licensed premises located in the City of Santa Rosa during the calendar year immediately prior to the billing date.  In the event an ABC Licensee makes or produces alcoholic beverages for sale at its own licensed premises within the City of Santa Rosa, the term “annual wholesale alcohol purchase” shall include the cost to make or produce the alcoholic beverages sold at its licensed premises within the City of Santa Rosa.  No fee is imposed if at least 95% of the amount of your gross alcohol sales is via the telephone and/or internet for delivery to customers outside the incorporated limits of the City of Santa Rosa.

This fee will be for the purpose of partially funding alcohol regulation, enforcement, and education programs designed to mitigate the adverse effects of alcohol use in the City of Santa Rosa.  For questions related to this fee, please contact the Santa Rosa Police Department at 707-543-3550.

If you did not receive your remittance form, or if you have any questions regarding your remittance, please contact Revenue & Collections at 707-543-3170.