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Community Development provides a wide range of development services to the community, developing long range plans for the growth of Santa Rosa and reviewing development proposals for consistency with those plans. The department is divided into two divisions, Building and Planning, and works closely with Public Works Engineering Development Services.

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9:30 to 2:30 Monday through Thursday only (open during lunch)
New applications processed until 2:00 p.m.

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Building Division
The Building Division reviews building permit applications for compliance with State and local building codes (structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and energy efficiency) and provides inspection services for all building related construction. The building division also administers the City’s Code Enforcement and Neighborhood Revitalization programs.

Planning Division
The Planning Division is responsible for both current and long range planning. The Development Review team provides information on land use, zoning and site development standards and processes applications for land use permits and land divisions. Through the development process, the team works closely with many city departments including Engineering Development Services to implement street and utility improvement standards.

The Advance Planning team performs a variety of long range planning activities, including development and administration of the City's General Plan.

 Community Development News

Nano-Brewery Land Use
We need your help! The City of Santa Rosa is looking to make changes to the City's Zoning Regulations to increase opportunities for small craft breweries to locate downtown and throughout the City and we want to hear from you!

Smoking Regulations Update
The City of Santa Rosa is updating regulations pertaining to smoking in public and private places. The proposed changes include prohibiting smoking in attached multifamily housing, parks, City-owned properties, bus stops and service lines, and within 75% of hotel/motel guest rooms, and explicitly addressing electronic cigarettes.

General Plan Amendment: Open Space and Conservation Element and Noise and Safety Element
The City of Santa Rosa is updating Conservation and Safety Policies that address flooding, fire hazards, groundwater recharge, and stormwater treatment to comply with State law requirements.

Social Advocates for Youth's Dream Center
Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), a non-profit organization providing housing, counseling and employment services to disadvantaged children and young adults has filed Conditional Use Permit, Rezoning and Minor Design Review applications proposing to occupy the former Warrack hospital with their headquarters as well as a Transitional Housing and Emergency Shelter location for up to 63 young adults (ages 18-24). The site is located at 2449 Summerfield Road and adjacent parcels. The file number is for this project is MJP13-005.

Jennings Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Rail Crossing Environmental Impact Report
The City of Santa Rosa is preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Jennings Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Rail Crossing project. The proposed project includes the construction and operation of either an at-grade or elevated pedestrian and bicycle rail crossing at Jennings Avenue and, if the at-grade crossing is selected, the possible closure of an at-grade rail crossing at either Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth Street. Construction of an at-grade pedestrian and bicycle rail crossing at Jennings Avenue would include installation of crossing surfaces across the two sets of railroad tracks present at the site, including a pathway leading to the crossing on either side of the rail corridor. Closure of a rail crossing at Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth Street would include removal of existing crossing surfaces and installation of improvements to prevent access, such as roadway barricades.  An elevated crossing at Jennings Avenue would include the construction of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge that would connect Jennings Avenue on either side of the rail line.

Housing Element Update
The City of Santa Rosa has updated the Housing Element of the General Plan; the City Council adopted the updated Housing Element on July 29, 2014.  The Housing Element is an important part of the City’s General Plan that describes housing-related needs and resources in Santa Rosa, focusing on the availability, affordability, and adequacy of housing. The Housing Element establishes a strategy to address housing needs for community members across the economic and social spectrum.

Breweries, Wineries, & Tasting Rooms
The City of Santa Rosa has adopted new zoning rules that support these land uses in more districts than ever. Did you know that beer and wine production facilities are now permitted by right (without a use permit) in the City’s industrial zoning districts? Or that tasting rooms are permitted by right in several commercial districts, including the downtown and station area districts?

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