Board of Building Regulation Appeals

Board of Building Regulation Appeals is charged with the task of determining the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction, and to provide reasonable interpretations of the provisions of the City of Santa Rosa Building and Safety Code.

Cultural Heritage Board
Principal duties of the Cultural Heritage Board include undertaking and updating historic inventories or surveys, recommending designation of Landmarks and Preservation Districts, reviewing proposed alterations to historic buildings, and promoting public awareness of preservation issues.

Design Review Board
The Design Review Board serves as custodian of the City's design policies. The Board reviews both public and private development proposals to ensure that Santa Rosa remains attractive and maintains a "sense of place" which the General Plan sets forth as "unique to Santa Rosa".

Downtown Subcommittee
The City Council's Downtown Subcommittee discusses a variety of issues related to Downtown Santa Rosa.

Economic Development Subcommittee
The City Council's Economic Development Subcommittee discusses a variety of issues related to Economic Development in Santa Rosa.

Medical Cannabis Policy Subcommittee
This body was reconvened to review policies for medical marijuana.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is charged with carrying out the purposes of California Planning and Zoning Law. Primarily this means that the Planning Commission implements plans, ordinances and policies relating to land use matters. They assist in writing and implementing the General Plan and area plans, and hold public hearings on the plans. They hold hearings and act on proposed changes to the Zoning Code, Zoning Map and the General Plan. They hold hearings and act on tentative subdivision maps, and they undertake special planning studies as needed.

Joint City/Council Roseland Annexation Committee
The Joint City/Council Roseland Annexation Committee is a five member committee consisting of three City Council Members and two members of the Board of Supervisors to determine how costs associated with the annexation of the 620 acre Roseland county island will be funded. Such costs include those to provide services such as police and fire response, and to upgrade and provide new streets, sidewalks, and public facilities.

Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area
The Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area Advisory Board discusses a variety of issues related to SRTBIA, is a public/private sector partnership between the City of Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and Santa Rosa hoteliers to provide efficient and complementary destination marketing; tourism and convention sales to benefit lodging operators by marketing Santa Rosa as a tourist destination; and providing programs that encourage overnight stays.

Subdivision Committee
The Subdivision Committee is a three member committee consisting of one representative from the planning department, the City Engineer's office and the Planning Commission. The committee is charged with review of tentative parcel maps which is a proposal to divide land into four or fewer parcels. The meetings are publicly noticed and held on an as needed basis.

Waterways Advisory Committee
The Waterways Advisory Committee is an advisory task force to the City Council, Planning Commission and other City decision-making bodies.  Its charge is to review public and private improvement plans for consistency with adopted waterway plans, goals and policies

Zoning Administrator
The Zoning Administrator is appointed by the Director of Community Development and has the responsibility and authority to conduct public hearings and to take action on applications for all administrative permits and approvals issued by the Department.