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Neighborhood City Services:
A Quick Reference

Recommendations on what to do about a neighborhood problem
If possible, first talk to your neighbor or property owner and ask for their cooperation. Then – if your “Good Neighbor” effort fails, call the City and:

  1. Identify the specific problem or nuisance.
  2. Give your name, address, and telephone number.
  3. Give the exact location of the problem. (Street address and house number, nearest cross street.)
  4. Give specific description of the problem.

Auto Dismantling
The right to operate a junk yard or auto dismantling yard is restricted by City laws. Call 543-3200 for information or to report problems.

Campers, RV’s, Boats and Trailers
Generally, campers, trailers, boats, etc., cannot be stored in a driveway or required yard area, i.e. any lawn or required side yard area.  Call 543-3600 for information or 543-3200 to report problems.

Vehicles can be parked in the street, but must be in running condition and must be moved at least once every 72 hours.  Inoperable vehicles may be towed based on State Law.

Generally, a vehicle cannot be stored in a driveway or lawn or required side yard area.  You can work on your own personal car in your driveway, but it must be registered at that address. However, there are restrictions that you need to check on.  Call 543-3600 for information or to report problems about vehicles on private or public property.

Street Trees
There are various City laws and regulations that govern the planting and care of street trees, i.e. trees planted between the curb and
the sidewalk. Call 543-3770 for information or to report problems.

There are rules regarding the size, location, and construction of fences. Call 543-3200 for information or to report problems.

Vegetation Management
Homes in densely wooded or brushy areas may be highly susceptible to wildland fires in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) parts of Santa Rosa.  We recommend property owners clear combustible materials from around their homes.  Actions take before wildfire occurs will help improve the survivability  of people and homes.  These activities include: vegetation management known as defensible space (reducing and removing flammable plant materials), use of fire resistant plants and smart building materials.  Go to Fire Safe Sonoma  http://www.firesafesonoma.org/main/  and download the booklet 'Living with Fire in Sonoma County'.  This will offer you clear guidelines for vegetation management in your neighborhood.  Call 543-3500 for more information or to report problems.  You can also visit our website to learn where the WUI's are located.

Weed Abatement
Santa Rosa City Code Ordinance 9-08 requires property owners to abate their parcels from weeds and rubbish throughout the year, and maintain compliance with the ordinance language.  Each year the "Fire Season" is declared by the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  Once the Fire Season is established, inspections of properties are conducted throughout the City and continue until the end of the Fire Season.  Fire season typically runs from May through the end of October.  Parcels that are found to not be in compliance are subject to inspection fees and possible referral to the City Contractor for abatement.  For more information regarding; requirements, FAQ's, and contact information, you may follow this link: http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/departments/fire/prevention/weed_abatement,  email weeds@srcity.org or call 707-543-3540.

Garage/Yard Sales
You may hold three (3) garage or yard sales per year. The items sold must be personal household items and may not include any items bought for resale. Call 543-3200 for information or to report problems.

Residential Parking Permit Program
The residential parking permit program addresses neighborhood parking problems resulting from long-term parking by non-residents. It generally restricts on-street parking by non-residents in specified neighborhoods to one hour. Residents may purchase an annual permit that frees them from the parking restrictions in their neighborhood. Call 543-3325 for more information or to report problems.

Basketball hoops on streets or sidewalks
Call 543-3800 for information or to report problems.

Street Lighting, Traffic Signals and Traffic Signs
To report malfunctioning City-owned street lights or traffic signals, and missing or vandalized signs, call 543-3880; traffic signals and signs on state highways, e.g. Sonoma Highway 12, Sebastopol Highway 12, etc., are maintained by Caltrans. Call Caltrans’ Petaluma office at 762-6641.

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of fronting property owners. You can call the City at 543-3881 to request the placement of an asphalt patch. Concrete repairs will later be made at the expense of the fronting property owner. Call 543-3842 for information or to report problems.

Dumping Trash, Weeds, Etc.
Persons seen “dumping” their trash, garbage, weeds, or garden wastes in public or private places can be prosecuted if the following information is available: Name and address of violator, eyewitness testimony, license plate number and/or vehicle description, description of violator. To report activity, call 528-5222.

Junk Accumulation
An accumulation of garbage, trash, appliances, car parts, old furniture, or scrap materials may be a visual blight to a neighborhood. Call 543-3200 for information or to report problems.

Storm Drains
City storm drain pipes go directly to our creeks. Only stormwater should enter catch basins (e.g. opening in curbs). Report anyone seen dumping oil, caustic items, or any other liquids into a storm drain at 543-3881.

Disposal into Sewer System
Pollutants, petrochemicals, pesticides and heavy metals, i.e. gold, lead, silver, chrome and zinc, can easily upset the bacterial and chemical balances of the wastewater treatment facility. Businesses must obtain an Industrial Waste Discharge Permit from the Utilities Department before pouring, placing, or discharging them into the sewer system. Call 543-3369 for information or to report problems.

Theft of Water
Illegal tampering with the water system can cause contamination to the City’s water system, interrupt waste service, and hamper fire protection. Contractors wishing to obtain water from a City fire hydrant must obtain a permit from the Utilities Department and pay an $800 (fully refundable) deposit. Applicants will receive a water meter with appropriate backflow device to protect against contamination. Anyone tapping into a City water line without a permit will be subject to penalties. Call 543-4200 for information or to report problems.

Home Operated Business
You must obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the City’s Department of Community Development, (543-3200) and a business tax certificate from the Finance Department, (543-3170). The basic premise for issuing a Home occupation permit is that the business will not change the residential character of the property or the neighborhood. There are also other rules governing Home Occupations. Call 543-3200 for further information or to report problems.

Animal Control
If you need assistance regarding barking or stray dogs, feral cats, or an injured animal, call Sonoma County Animal Control at 565-7100.

The City of Santa Rosa Transportation and Public Works Department is responsible for picking up dead animals (both domestic and wild) from the public right-of-way.   If this is the case, you may report the problem online or call the Transportation and Public Works Department at 707-543-3881.  If there is a dead animal on private property, please call Sonoma County Animal Control at 565-7100.

Loud Parties
There are City laws that relate to loud parties. Call 528-5222 for information or to report a problem.

Solicitors are required to have a permit in the form of a photo I.D. card issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department. No individual may solicit or peddle for a business at any home where a sign stating “No Peddlers or Solicitors” is clearly visible. A solicitor for a non-profit organization should have a letter of exemption issued by the Santa Rosa Police Department. When a solicitor comes to your door, you may ask to see a permit. To report problems, call 528-5222.

Neighborhood Crime Problems
If you have information regarding any ongoing illegal activity in your neighborhood, you can leave an anonymous tip at 543-DRUG (543-3784). Names, descriptions, addresses and license numbers of suspected individuals are helpful.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch has proven to be an effective tool in crime prevention. Through Neighborhood Watch, you can learn how to make your home, possessions, and family less likely to be victimized by crime. Call Crime Prevention at 543-3653 for more information.

Emergency Assistance Call 911
Police Non-Emergency 543-3600
Crime Notification 528-5222
Fire Non-Emergency 543-3500

Public Library 545-0831
Voter Registration 565-6800
Animal Control 565-7100
Building Permits 543-3200
Business Taxes/Dog Licenses 543-3170
City Bus Information 543-3333
City Council/Mayor’s Office 543-3010
City Jobs 543-3076
Garbage Service 586-1478
Graffiti Reporting/Volunteering 543-3499
Housing and Redevelopment 543-3300
Industrial Waste 543-3369
Parking (Permits, Registrations) 543-3325
Parking Permits (Residential) 543-3325
Planning/Zoning 543-3200
Recreation & Parks 543-3737
Sewer Maintenance 543-4200
Sign Permit 543-3200
Sprinklers – Broken on City Property 543-3770
Street Cleaning/Sweeping 588-8809
Street Lights 543-3880
Street Maintenance 543-3881
Street Emergency (after hours/holidays) 543-3805
Toxic/Hazardous Materials Call 911
Traffic Lights/Maintenance 543-3880
Tree Services 543-3770
Water/Sewer, Billing Start/Stop Service 543-3150
Water/Sewer Connection Fees 543-4611
Water Conservation 543-3985
Water Leaks 543-3150

WEBSITE: www.srcity.org

This brochure is intended to provide information and aid for Santa Rosa residents seeking City services. It is not intended to establish a legal standard for civil or criminal liability. For more precise and complete information, the appropriate City department or applicable law should be consulted.