How do I contact a school in Santa Rosa?
The school districts are not a part of City government. They are listed in the business section of the telephone directory under Santa Rosa School District, Bennett Valley Union School District, Rincon Valley School District [or Wright School District]. They are also listed in the yellow pages under “Schools – Academic – Secondary & Elementary.”
What is the local number for the Department of Motor Vehicles?

This is a part of the State of California government and is listed in the telephone directory under the Government Listings, “Motor Vehicles Department.”  The telephone number is 1-800-777-0133.  There is also a website at: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/.

Who does our refuse and recycling collection?
Santa Rosa Recycling and Collection, a part of North Bay Corporation, (707) 586-1478.

Who do I contact for information on a business license?
You may call our Administrative Services department at (707) 543-3170.

What is the number for Animal Control and Regulation
The Animal Control and Regulation department is part of the County of Sonoma. The number is (707) 565-7100.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my cable television service?
Comcast Cable, 1-800-945-2288.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?
Contact the City’s Police Department, (707) 543-3600.

What is the number to contact the Sonoma County Courts?
The court system is part of the County of Sonoma. The Court Clerk’s telephone number is (707) 565-1100.

Where do I get a marriage license?
Marriage licenses can be obtained through the Sonoma County Clerk’s office, (707) 565-3800.

What office do I contact to get a copy of my birth certificate?
Birth, death and marriage certificates are on file with the Sonoma County Recorder, (707) 565-2651.

Where is the Social Security office?
The local Social Security office is located at 2099 Range Avenue, (707) 544-4302.


I need to talk to someone about my property taxes.
Contact the Sonoma County Tax Assessor’s office at (707) 565-1888.

What is the difference between the City Attorney and the District Attorney?
The City Attorney is the attorney for the City of Santa Rosa and is appointed by the City Council. The attorneys in the office provide legal services to the Mayor, City Council and its committees, City agencies and departments, and various official boards and commissions. The City Attorney’s Office also prosecutes violations of the City Code. The District Attorney is an elected official who investigates and prosecutes criminal activity (other than violations of the City Code) throughout Sonoma County.

Can the City Attorney represent private citizens?
The City Attorney serves at the pleasure of the City Council and is the attorney for the City of Santa Rosa as an entity. The City Attorney advises the Mayor, the City Council and its committees, City boards and commissions and City agencies and departments.

The City Attorney does not represent individuals in private legal matters. Many citizens believe that the City Attorney serves as the attorney for the community rather than for a municipal corporation. We cannot represent or provide legal advice to individual citizens, groups or other entities.

How can I get a copy of the City Code or a City ordinance?
The City Code is online or hard copies of the City Code or a particular ordinance may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office by calling (707) 543-3010.

My neighbor’s tree limbs and branches overhang my property. Can I trim them without my neighbor’s permission? If my neighbor’s tree limbs and branches fall on my property, can I make my neighbor clean them up?
This is a private civil matter. To obtain specific legal advice on your situation you need to consult a private attorney.

I drove my car through a pothole in the street and sustained damage to my car. I feel the City was negligent. Will the City pay for this?
It depends. By law the City is often not liable for negligence. In most cases involving streets or sidewalks the City is only liable if a claimant can show that there is liability under the Government Code. If you feel the City has violated a law, you may file a claim against the City of Santa Rosa. The claim form may be obtained by calling (707) 543-3024.

What is the process for getting a proclamation on the Council agenda?
You may contact the City Manager’s Office, (707) 543-3010. It is helpful to have some information about the proclamation, including the name of the individual or group being recognized, a date when the proclamation should be on the Council agenda and contact information for the text

How do I address the City Council?
The City Council meets the first four Tuesdays of each month in the Council Chamber, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, starting at approximately 4:00 p.m. Near the end of each meeting, there is an opportunity for Public Comment. If you want to speak during the meeting, you should fill out a yellow “Speaker’s Card,” which is available at the meeting, and submit it to the City Clerk. Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address the Councilmembers for items not listed on the agenda.  If you want to address the Councilmembers in regard to an agenda item, there is an opportunity to speak at that time.