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Community Advisory Board 

CAB Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) presentation


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is in a very unique place within the City structure. The job of the CAB is to represent views and ideas from the broader community on issues of interest to the City Council. The CAB and the City Council jointly decide on the topics on which they will seek input. The topics have a broad community interest, not just a narrow, neighborhood-based focus. The City Charter requires the CAB to advise the City Council on:

  • Public Safety issues
  • Capital Improvement priorities
  • Involvement plans for development issues
  • Recommendations on public improvement funds that are allocated by the City Council.

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CAB Resolution No. 28442                      CAB Resolution No. 28174

2016/17 Workplan


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Browse and attend the community events on the Sonoma County Community Calendar, which is maintained by Sonoma State University's Center for Community Engagement. You are also welcome to add events that are open to the community.