Housing Action Plan

The City Council held a series of public meetings designed to provide information on actions and opportunities specific to housing development, from the review process to funding.

2016 Housing Report

In 2016, a major effort was made to create an environment where the City could enable development of the housing stock needed to address the current housing crisis. The Planning and Economic Development Department released the results in the Housing Year End Report 2016 (PDF).
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Housing Action Plan

To address the City's ongoing unmet housing needs and to implement the city's General Plan Housing Element, the City prepared the Housing Action Plan (PDF).

General Plan and Housing Element Update

Each year the Annual Review (PDF) (2016) report is developed to assist citizens and City Council in understanding the status of the General Plan and the progress in its implementation towards achieving the General Plan goals.

Housing Action Plan Elements

Accessory Dwelling Units

As of January 1, 2017, portions of Santa Rosa Zoning Code Sections 20-42.130 and 20-36.040 pertaining to accessory dwelling units are superseded by state law. The Accessory Dwelling Guidance (PDF) here is provided until City ordinances implementing state law are enacted.

Permit Streamlining

Entitlements: Identify and prepare turnaround time frames for development and environmental review that comply with state law and best practices, develop completeness checklists for entitlement applications; and the ability to track, monitor, and report out performance to the public.

Design Review Process Reform

Identify and prepare process and policy amendments that strengthen the intent of the ordinance, and by creating efficiencies, clearer policy language, flexibility for innovated solutions, and better coordination between the city’s Zoning Administrator, Boards and Commission for these permits.