Apply For a Permit / Reservation

  1. Film Permit

    For commercial filming on public property including film, video, digital and still photography.

  2. Park Permit

    For most organized park activities and events, conducting business within the park, and all organized uses of a neighborhood park.

  3. Picnic Reservation

    For guaranteed exclusive use of a Community Park picnic area on a scheduled date (picnic reservations are not available at Neighborhood Parks).

  4. Special Event Permit

    For one-time, annual or recurring events that impact streets, sidewalks and other public areas beyond the normal pattern of use, such as festivals, farmers’ markets, concerts, parades, walks, runs and cycling events.

  5. Sport Field Reservation

    For guaranteed exclusive use of a Community Park sports court or athletic field on a scheduled date.

  6. Street Performer Permit

    For a street performer intending to receive monetary contribution or donation for the performance, or place any structure, chair, stool, table, or other physical object in a public area.

  7. Street Tree Removal Permit

    For property owners wishing to remove their street tree.

  8. Vendor Permit (Downtown)

    For mobile push-cart vending in downtown Santa Rosa.