Residential Parking

A residential parking program was enacted by City Council in order to protect and promote the integrity of designated neighborhoods. Parking regulations restrict unlimited parking by nonresidents, and provide the opportunity for residents to park near their homes.


Residential parking permits are issued by the Parking Division for the term of one year. Residents of residential parking areas may apply for a permit by presenting proof of residence within the area designated, proof of current registration for the vehicle, and current driver's license for which the application is being made. No more than three permits shall be issued for each qualified single family dwelling. All other multi-family units will be issued one permit per unit.

New to Residential Parking

The Parking Division mails out Renewal Applications annually for all residents who currently have parking permits in the Residential Parking areas. If you are new to the Residential Parking Program you must apply in person at:
90 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Please bring with you the required documents listed on the reverse side of the application

Parking Zone Map

Image of map of Santa Rosa Neighborhoods with colored sections outlining parking areas